Light defines us.

From the moment you open your eyes to the flick of the switch on your bedside lamp at the end of the day, light dictates your movements and emotions.

At Lighting Technologies we understand how light can influence the way we live.

We look at every detail in your home, place of work or environment and use this information to design a lighting scheme which not only looks beautiful, but is practical and energy efficient.

With LED lighting, the size and shape of light fittings is no longer restricted to the lamp, you can let your imagination run free. Maintenance has become a thing of the past, due to the incredibly long lifespan of this new technology and with energy efficiency a growing concern, LED lighting cuts power consumption considerably. Isn’t it about time you saw the light?

We offer a complete lighting design, supply, installation, project management and support service throughout the UK and internationally. Our clients range from large corporate businesses, A-List celebrities, the hospitality industry to individual clients worldwide.

If you require help with the lighting of your Home, Garden or Workplace then please get in touch.

about steven went lighting designer

Likes Sailing, Architecture, Light and Sound….and Earl Grey Tea

Steven James Went - Design Director


I left school at 16 and completed a 5 year electrical engineering apprenticeship with the Electricity Board as it was known then. I was sent away ‘block release’ to Cambridge where I studied at the Ruskin University.

Over the next few years I worked on all aspects of electrical engineering projects from historic buildings to industrial power stations, but my creative mind felt neglected.

I moved to London to follow my passion for music and production but ended up working for the BBC as a lighting technician. It was here I started to find my passion for light and how it can affect our mood and enhance our space.

One sunny day, I was walking along the Kings Road in Chelsea when I saw an advertisement in a lighting design showroom called John Cullen Lighting for a trainee designer. I applied, had several interviews and to my surprise, got the job.

I was trained by Sally Storey who I thank and admire to this day. Without her I would probably still be pulling cables through loft spaces.

The experience I’ve gained from over 25 years working in this industry has fuelled my passion and with the evolution of lighting technology, BIM and Virtual Reality the process from concept to completion is streamlined and above all fun.

Being a lighting designer has taken me around the world to fantastic places, working for incredibly interesting clients on amazing projects. I’m so lucky, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

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